“Ed is smart, hardworking, and tenacious (though likeable). But what sets him apart, and what makes him particularly effective and efficient as an advocate and counselor, is his judgment. Ed has an uncanny sense of knowing what matters and what doesn’t. He gets from the start to successful conclusion of a case without the expensive distractions that consume the efforts of so many litigators.”

David C. Newman
Head of Litigation
Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP
Atlanta, GA

“Throughout the years we have been represented by many blue chip firms, but I have never received better representation than in a major matter Ed helped lead at his old firm.”

David Williams
VP, General Counsel, and Chief Compliance Officer
lnnospec Inc.
Denver, CO

“From the moment I met Ed, I liked him, trusted him, and knew I was in good hands. He did a very fine iob both in handling the case and in managing me–helping me to understand what to expect and keeping me calm throughout the process.”

Dennis J. Shanahan
Columbia, MD

“Ed is passionate, responsive, and knows our industry well. We trust and rely regularly on his legal knowledge and business judgment. Ed is not just our attorney; he is a valuable and valued member of our team.”

Dr. Shirley Reams
Interim Chief Learning Officer
The Academy of Scholars, LLC
Decatur, GA

“We asked Ed to sue a client who owed us money. After learning the facts and discussing the risks, Ed suggested that we take the client to lunch instead. We did, and we resolved the dispute. It was the best advice Ed could have given us.”

Durl Jensen
Managing Director
Geo Creative, LLC
Stone Mountain, GA

“As I was facing a personal and legal crisis as an innocent victim with very little money, Ed helped me work through things in a creative and cost-effective way. I frankly don’t know where I would be without him right now.”

Hilda Reardon
Atlanta, GA

“We had an urgent need one Sunday night. Ed dropped everything, managed the crisis, and handled things well.”

Kerri A. Hochgesang
Global Intellectual Property Counsel
Andritz (USA) Inc.
Roswell, GA

“I’ve known Ed for fifteen years and worked closely with him for eight. He is impeccably honest, deliberate and decisive in his legal judgments, which are always on target.”

Maury A. Herman
Senior Partner
Herman, Herman & Katz, LLC
New Orleans, LA

“Ed doesn’t just know what the law says, he knows what works in litigation and what doesn’t. Had we known him four lawyers sooner, our lives today would be vastly better.”

Phil Paymer
Co-Founder and Former Owner
Everybody’s Pizza
Decatur, GA

“When Ed was managing partner of the national plaintiff’s firm, I spoke to him almost daily. I was struck by his legal skills, which were substantial. I was particularly impressed by his judgment and integrity. Good lawyers are a dime a dozen. Counselors of Ed’s caliber are rare finds.”

Robert P. Enderle
Managing Partner
Ashcraft & Gerel LLP
Landover, MD

“Ed helped us resolve quickly and efficiently what could have been an expensive lawsuit. His knowledge, experience, wise counsel, and style served us very well. Now we know we have a friend and trusted resource in Atlanta when we need it.”

Susan Coakley
Executive Director
Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships
Lexington, MA

“Ed is the most impressive attorney I have known. He was sensitive to our budget. He clarified and simplified the issues. He got right to the heart of the matter. And he achieved a result that greatly exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend him.”

Tom Dunlap
lnkmart Office Products Solutions
Los Angeles, CA